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DNASTAR for MSU Researchers

RTSF offers DNASTAR Lasergene Core Suite licensing to university scientists at a significantly discounted rate. The annual subscription fee for the first license seat is $290 and then $65 for each computer in your lab that you choose to license after that. 

The DNASTAR Lasergene Core Suite includes the following programs: SeqBuilder, SeqMan Pro, MegAlign, GeneQuest, Protean 3D, Protean, EditSeq, and PrimerSelect.

The current DNASTAR Lasergene release is 15 which includes the following updated features:

  • SeqBuilder Pro, a brand new application for sequence map creation, primer design, and virtual cloning
  • Mutation modeling on protein structures in Protean 3D
  • Reduced false positives during SNP calling for whole genome alignments
  • Support for aligning subsequences in MegAlign Pro
  • Export of editable images to PowerPoint and PDF in Protean 3D

How Do I Subscribe?

If you wish to subscribe to the DNASTAR Lasergene Core Suite please submit an email to Ashley Shillinger with the following information included:

  • PI name associated with the subscription
  • Account number to be billed
  • The hostname of your computer(s) you wish to install the software on (this is case sensitive)
  • Email address associated with billing for the lab account and an alternate lab contact if applicable
  • Physical lab address 

To find the hostname of your computer:

  • Open a Command Prompt (or Terminal session if using a Mac)
  • Type the word hostname
  • Press the Enter/Return key
  • Copy and paste the computer’s response exactly as given (case sensitive) into the email