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Data Retention Policy

All data generated from analyses conducted by the RTSF will be made immediately available to researchers in either an electronic form (web, FTP) or on a recordable media (CD, DVD, or other USB-recordable devices) upon request. It is very important that all researchers make archival copies of their data as RTSF will retain data for only 6 months from time of collection. We suggest that you make at least two copies of your data and store them in separate locations. All data will be deleted after six months and will no longer be available.

Effective March 1, 2007, all data collected before July 1, 2006, will be deleted from all RTSF computers and will no longer be available. This includes all sequencing (Finch), Genescan, RT-PCR, Affymetrix data, Proteomics, and Mass Spectrometry data. Please make copies of these data immediately, or contact us for copies of data that are not available on-line.

For help or information contact:
Business Office: Julie Oesterle,
Flow Cytometry Core: Louis King,
Genomics Core: Emily Crisovan,
Mass Spectrometry Core: Dan Jones,
Proteomics Core: Doug Whitten,