QPCR Services

The MSUGC utilizes the ABI Prism 7900HT Sequence Detection System for real-time quantitation of gene expression and for detection of single nucleotide polymophisms (SNPs). This system gives researchers the power to perform precise quantitative assays on small scale and custom assays. PCR quantitation can be carried out using either the TAQman primer-probe or SYBR green chemistries. The 7900HT system offers 384-well capacity and robotic loading for high throughput capability.


Service Price
Absolute Quantitation 1×96 well $45.00
Absolute Quantitation 2×96 well $60.00
Absolute Quantitation 3×96 well $75.00
Absolute Quantitation 4×96 well $90.00
Absolute Quantitation (customer set-up, 384) $40.00
Dissociation Curve (384 well) $8.50
Special Project Set-up (per sample) $1.00
End Point Read (per plate) $9.00
384 Well Optical Plate $5.00
Optical Sealing Film $1.50

* Pricing includes transfer to 384-well plate and processing on ABI 7900. It does not include reagents.

Submission Guidelines

Customer Setup
  • Set up the reactions in 96 well plates (DOT Scientific #800-PCR or equivalent) and we will transfer to 384 well plates. Multiple 96 well plates may be combined.
  • Standard cycling parameters will be used for all samples unless otherwise stated. Reaction volume should be 15 ul (excess needed for transfer).
  • Submit plate before 4 pm Monday through Friday to obtain data the next business morning.
  • Analysis software is available at our facility (S-18 Plant Biology Building).

Robotic Assembly

We do not provide plate assembly services instead we will provide the materials and tools to set up your own high throughput reactions using a Biomek 2000. Reservations are required beforehand. Assembly time: approximately 30 minutes.

Please inquire for more information.