Genomics Services

NGS Library Size Selection


The importance of increased read lengths for sequencers is directly proportional to the proper NGS library insert size. Proper reads lengths are extremely important for applications like mate pairs, chip-seq, PacBio preps, miRNA or proper genome sequencing libraries. Agarose gels and beads can only provide so much precision in terms of size for sequencing libraries and are inferior to automated methods for complete accuracy. The Genomics Core can now perform automated size selection accurately using the Sage Science Blue Pippin. This platform uses gel cassettes to provide a full range of size selection options between 90bp up to 50kb. For additional information check out the Pippin Blue page.


Sizing 1-6kb   = $15.00/sample
Sizing 7-50kb =  $21.50/sample

Sample Submission

Please submit >4 ug of sample for size selection. 


Cell ID

Short tandem repeat (STR) loci are among the most informative polymorphic markers in the human genome. Additionally, STR profiles help to ensure the quality and integrity of human cell lines within the scientific community as mandated by the NIH. The MSUGC provides cell identification services using the ProMega Cell ID System which employs simultaneous co-amplification and three-color detection of ten loci in a single tube.

This kit is designed to run on the ABI 3730xl.


$35/ sample

Submitting Samples


Please submit 10 ul of samples in individual tubes at a concentration of 2 ng/ul.

Mouse Genotyping

We utilize the Mouse Genotyping kit technology from Kapa Biosystems. Rapid extraction and amplification of DNA from tissue occurs in less than 1 hour followed by state of the art electrophoresis instrumentation for rapid turnaround service. Please contact us to arrange for primer selection and testing. Please bring along any relevant references or materials in order for us to work out the protocols and prospective pricing.

In general, processing time is ~3 days after receipt of tissue and costs $25.00 per set of 12 samples (Ideally we would like samples submitted in multiples of 12 but this is not absolutely required). Each additional gene assay is $0.50.

Submission Guidelines

Tail snips (2-5mm) should be submitted in individual 1.5ml tubes.

Data Retrieval

Data is usually available within 48 hours after submission and can be viewed under the FSA tab using our Finch Server. There are several freeware programs available to view your data including the ABI Peak Scanner.

Sample Shearing

Preparing high quality libraries for sequencing is paramount for obtaining good data and the majority of protocols require fragmentation of the nucleic acid material to a specific size range. Mis-sizing of the libraries can result in inaccurate quantification, poor cluster density and subsequently low quality data.

The MSUGC provides shearing services for all NGS library types using the Covaris S2 Adaptive Focused Acoustic Disruptor. This platform enables improved preparation of small biological samples up to 100ul in volume. Applications include DNA and chromatin shearing, tissue disruption and homogenization, and cell lysis among others.



Sample Submission

Please submit all samples in a 1.5 mL tube in water.

Sample QC

Library construction is the process of taking nucleic acid from its original state to a "library" that can be run on a sequencing platform. Preparing high quality libraries is important for obtaining good data and the MSUGC checks each sample before and after the library construction process to ensure it is of high quality. Concentration, size and quality can be assessed using one of our microfluidics based platforms.

Agilent Bioanalyzer

The Agilent Bioanalyzer system provides sizing, quantitation and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells on a single platform, providing high quality digital data. It is the ideal choice for 11 samples or less.





RNA pico $35/chip
DNA 1000 $35/chip
DNA HS $55/chip

*each chip can process 11 samples


The Caliper Labchip GX


The LabChip GX utilizes PerkinElmer's innovative microfluidics technology to perform reproducible, high-resolution, eletrophoretic separations. Whether analyzing RNA integrity for better gene expression data or assessing PCR fragments for resequencing applications, the GX provides automated walkaway sample QC and is ideally suited for batches of 12+ samples.


High Sensitivity Chip

24-36 37-48 49-60 61-96
$3.80 $2.90 $2.75 $2.35



DNA 1K Chip

25-36 37-48 49-60 61-96
$3.10 $2.20 $2.10 $1.75


Please contact the Genomics Core for more information on Services.