Illumina Grant Contest

Illumina is hosting a special grant contest for the chance to win library prep kits and sequencing run consumables to fund services in the MSU Genomics Core.  

While the Illumina grant will cover the cost of library prep and sequencing reagents, costs for labor and consumables will not be covered by the Illumina grant.  However, in order to facilitate the research of the grant winners, the Genomics Core will reduce the cost of library prep and sequencing services.  Sequencing services (runs on the HiSeq 4000, NextSeq 500 or MiSeq) for grant winners will be reduced to the prices of sequencing reagents that are covered by the Illumina grant.  Illumina library prep services will be discounted to 50% of the costs listed on our pricing page after the credit from Illumina for the library prep kit.  Of course, researchers will also be able to receive library prep kits directly from Illumina in order to prepare libraries in their own lab.  

There will be one grand prize winner and three runner-up award winners.

The deadline to submit an abstract is December 21st, 2018.

Additional details about the grant contest can be found on the grant contest flyer.

To apply, please visit: