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Safety Protocols During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sample Submission

The Genomics Core is accepting samples for all projects.  Beginning July 11th, the loading dock at the Plant Biology Building will be closed for repairs for six weeks.  The sample drop-off fridge that has been available at the loading dock since the summer of 2020 will no longer be available.  Researchers must bring their samples to our hallway drop-off freezer outside of room S-18 in the basement of the Plant Biology Building.  Samples should be dropped off between the hours of 8 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday (excluding University holidays), otherwise, samples may sit overnight in the submission freezer (a frost-free freezer).

Off-campus researchers should be aware that “overnight deliveries” from both FedEx and UPS are often taking two days.  Once packages arrive in East Lansing, they are being delivered correctly, and we are having no problems with packages that make it to our building.  Because of the probability of delay, samples should be sent with a gross excess of dry ice.  We recommend five pounds or more.  Additionally, plastic film seals for 96-well plates should be avoided as melted samples readily leak into adjacent wells.  To avoid leakage, we recommend an excess of dry ice and using strip caps that were designed for the 96-well plate or sealing foil.

The Genomics Core staff are available for consultation through email, daily Zoom office hours, and scheduled phone or Zoom calls.  Write to gtsf@msu.edu with questions or to schedule a call.

Common Use Equipment

Access to our common use equipment room (Room S-10 Plant Biology Laboratories), which houses the Invitrogen Qubit, the Covaris M220 Sonicator and the FLUOstar Optima microplate reader, is by appointment.  The procedures for reserving and using the equipment are given on our Common Use Equipment Room page.


Zoom Office Hours

Researchers may join us on Zoom every day from 3 PM to 4 PM to discuss any topic, no matter how small. Please use this link to join: https://bit.ly/3DuBYoY. You can still contact the Genomics Core via email at gtsf@msu.edu with questions or to schedule a Zoom call.