Sanger Sequencing Sample Requirements

The RTSF Genomics Core can provide short turnaround time on small and high-throughput projects utilizing the 96 capillary electrophoretic ABI 3730xl platform. The expected sequence length of PGEM plasmid controls typically ranges from 600 to 900 bp.

photo of well plates

Service Options

  1. Custom (Individual Tubes)
  2. High Throughput (96 well plates)

Types of Reactions

  1. Standard Reaction Mix -uses the ABI Prism BigDye Terminator Version 3.1 Cycle sequencing kit
  2. 1st Tier Reaction - with DMSO for high GC content and plasmids > 10kb
  3. Genomic Reaction - with pure BigDye for genomic/chromosomal DNA
  4. GTP Reaction - with DMSO, betaine, dGTPS for siRNA hairpins and secondary structure

Sample Concentrations and Volumes

Please see the Sample Concentrations document and additional forms under the Tech Notes section.

Sample Submission Overview

  1. We accept either purified plasmid or PCR amplified
  2. Six standard primers are offered by RTSF at no extra charge otherwise the customer adds their own primer to each sample.
  3. For partial plate submissions, please arrange samples by column (i.e., A1-H1, A2-H2, etc.) and NOT by rows. A $20 re-racking fee will be charged for any samples not arranged in columns.
  4. Sequences can be accessed and downloaded from the Genomics Depot. If your data is not available after 48 hours please contact us at

High Throughput Sequencing

For 8 or more samples submitted in a 96 well format please ensure each well contains purified DNA plus primer together. For partial plate submissions, samples should be arranged by column, NOT rows on the plate. Labeled sample plates are submitted in a freezer outside the lab.

Sample Drop-off

There are three options for dropping off samples:

  1. Samples can be dropped off at the RTSF Genomics Facility outside room S18 in the Plant Biology building.
  2. Samples can be submitted to our drop box located across the street on the 5th floor of the BPS building. Samples are picked up at 8:30 am and processed that day.
  3. All samples being mailed should be shipped to the following address:

      RTSF Genomics Core
      612 Wilson Road S-18
    East Lansing, MI 48824