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TapeStation & Bioanalyzer Sample Requirements

The Genomics Core has an Agilent 4200 TapeStation and an Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer.  Both instruments use automated electrophoresis to assess the quality and quantity of DNA and RNA.  With these instruments, the Genomics Core can provide analysis of total RNA, prepared libraries, dsDNA PCR products, fragmented DNA, and high molecular weight genomic DNA. 

All samples will be processed on the TapeStation, unless otherwise requested. The only exception is total RNA that will be submitted for small RNA or micro RNA library preparation.  These samples will be analyzed on the Bioanalyzer because it is more sensitive to small RNA and micro RNA species. 

The 4200 TapeStation analysis is performed on a ScreenTape that has individually addressable lanes, where 1 sample is run per lane.  This allows for analysis of 1 or more samples at a time.  The TapeStation analysis is sold on a per sample basis.  

The 2100 Bioanalyzer analysis is performed on a chip containing 11 wells, which allows for analysis of 1 to 11 samples.  With the Bioanalyzer, reagents for 11 samples are used even if fewer than 11 samples are analyzed.  Therefore, the Bioanalyzer analysis is sold on a per chip basis (1 to 11 samples). 

Sample concentrations must be measured by fluorometric method, such as Qubit or PicoGreen.

The table below describes the specifications for submitting samples to the Genomics Core for analysis on the TapeStation or the Bioanalyzer.

Instructions for submitting samples are at the bottom of the page.

TapeStation Sample Requirements

Sample Type TapeStation ScreenTape Assay

(ng / µl)

Volume (µl) Price Per Sample
Total RNA

High Sensitivity RNA

1 - 5 10 $8
Prepared libraries, dsDNA PCR products, or fragmented DNA

High Sensitivity D1000
(sizing range 35 ‑ 1,000 bp)


High Sensitivity D5000 (sizing range 100 ‑ 5,000 bp)

Assay used depends on size of submitted product.

0.5 - 1 5 $8.50
Genomic DNA

Genomic DNA
(sizing range 200 ‑ 60,000 bp)

For analysis of high molecular weight genomic DNA.

25 - 50 5 $10


Bioanalyzer Sample Requirements

Sample Type Bioanalyzer Assay

ng / µl)

Volume (µl) Price Per Chip*
Total RNA RNA 6000 Pico 1 - 5 10


Prepared libraries, dsDNA PCR products, or fragmented DNA High Sensitivity DNA
(sizing range: 50 - 7,000 bp)
0.5 - 1 5


*Each chip analyzes up to 11 samples.


Submitting Samples for Analysis

For 15 samples or less, samples can be submitted in PCR strip-tubes or 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes.  For 16 or more samples, samples must be submitted in a 96-well PCR-type plate, filled by column.  All tubes and plates must be clearly labeled.  If you cannot clearly label the tubes or plate, you must place them in a secondary container that is properly labeled.

Samples must be submitted to the Genomics Core ready to be processed on either the TapeStation or Bioanalyzer.  Samples must be at the appropriate concentration and at the correct volume as specified in table above.  The Genomics Core will not quantify or dilute samples submitted for analysis.  Samples that are not submitted as specified will not be processed.  Samples submitted for analysis will not be returned to researcher and will be discarded after 2 weeks.

Researchers will pre-register their samples in the ClarityLIMS LabLink system.  See our ClarityLIMS LabLink webpage for information about requesting a LabLink account, creating a project, and to download submission forms. 

Once the project is registered in the LIMS, samples will be delivered to the Genomics Core along with the signed LIMS submission sheet.  Place samples in the -20 freezer (bin labeled "Bioanalyzer/TapeStation") in the hallway outside of the Genomics Core (S-18 Plant Biology).  Place the LIMS submission form in the basket labeled "Bioanalyzer/TapeStation" that is attached to the outside of the freezer.  Results are typically available on Genomics Depot within 48 business hours.