Next Generation Sequencing

NGS has become the method of choice for many areas of genomic analysis including whole genome sequencing, de novo sequencing, RNA-Seq, SNP Genotyping, CNV analysis, exome sequencing, small RNA-seq, epigenetic analysis (Methyl-Seq/ChIP-Seq), targeted re-sequencing. The RTSF Genomics Core at Michigan State University has several Illumina sequencing platforms available: one HiSeq 4000, one NextSeq 500, and two MiSeqs.

Sample Submission

Please ship your DNA / RNA samples following these instructions:

  • Pre-register your samples in our LIMs before shipping
  • Upload your QC information (qubit, BioA)
  • Ship all DNA samples with cold packs and all RNA samples on dry ice.
  • Obtain a tracking number for your shipment*
  • Use FedEx for international shipments.

Packages are accepted Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am-5pm (except holidays).

If you are mailing samples please ship them per the instructions above and send them to the following address:

  c/o Shari Tjugum-Holland
612 Wilson Road, S-18B
East Lansing, MI 48824

*Please notify us of shipment and we will confirm receipt.