Submitting Samples and Analysis

Submitting Samples

NGS, genotyping and gene expression sample submissions are done through our online Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) located here. Instructions for requesting an account, creating projects and submitting samples may be found in the box at the right or following the link and clicking the 'LabLink Help file' link at the left of that page.

Analysis Rates

Analysis services = $75/hr


Next Generation Sequencing platforms, protocols and analysis methods are rapidly evolving and the range of biological questions that can be addressed with NGS is growing. We provide consultation services when planning experiments including guidance for selecting the appropriate sequencing technology and experimental design to best meet research objectives. We can also provide letters of support for grant applications.

Data Analysis

We provide analytical support for research utilizing modern genomic tools including Next Generation Sequencing. Areas of particular expertise include microbial community analysis by 16S amplicon or shotgun metagenomics, small genome sequencing and assembly, RNA-Seq analyses (including de novo transcriptome assembly from non-model organisms) and differential gene expression. See Next-Gen Sequencing Analysis for more information.

Data Visualization

One of the hardest tasks in modern research is organizing large data sets from multiple sources, such as those generated from RNA-Seq and proteomic analysis, in ways that facilitate discovery. The RTSF Bioinformatics Core has considerable experience working with scientists in designing and developing new schemas for projects that allow researchers to make use of large datasets.