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Operations Have Resumed in RTSF Cores

Due to changes to building and university policies during the phase 1 return to operations there have been changes to how certain cores will operate. For information on specific cores see below. If you have a question regarding a core not listed, please contact the appropriate staff member from our directory.

If you will be entering an RTSF environment please submit a screening at the MSU form here.


Genomics Core

Information regarding the resumption of operations in the Genomics Core can be found here.


Mass Spectrometry & Metabolomics Core

The Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics Core has begun a Phase 1 restart of operations and are currently receiving samples for analysis. During this period, card access will be limited, and meetings including consulting sessions that can be conducted remotely will use Zoom, telephone or e-mail to limit person-to-person contact. Please contact Core staff at RTSF.massspec@msu.edu for more information.


Protetomics Core

Information regarding the resumption of operations in the Proteomics Core can be found here.


Cryo-electron Microscopy Core

Beginning Monday July 13, the RTSF Cryo-EM facility is open for core sample data collection under a minimal operations plan.  For the protection of all users and employees, extensive COVID-19 precautions will be in place. 

Please be aware that to be in compliance with MSU requirements regarding room occupancy restrictions and working from home as much as possible, employees will be working from home part of the time.

Non-core personnel will not be allowed into the RTSF Cryo-EM Facility lab or office spaces for any reason.  During the resumption of minimal operations, the doors to the ERC Building will be locked, and access may only be allowed for people who are assigned to the building.  Therefore, most researcher visits to the RTSF Cryo-EM Facility may be prevented by the fact that the building will be locked.

During the minimal operations period, no researchers may visit the RTSF Cryo-EM Facility, and no face-to-face interactions will be allowed between researchers and RTSF Cryo-EM Facility staff with the possible exception of the transfer of samples. Communications with researchers must be performed via email, telephone or video conference.

Deliveries will be arranged in advance during normal business hours, and a phone number will be provided so that they can call the appropriate person upon arrival. For researchers with access to the ERC building, samples for new projects may be deposited in the hallway.

For researchers from outside the ERC building, samples may be dropped off at the loading dock in co-ordination with a RTSF Cryo-EM Facility staff member.  Samples will be placed by the researchers into plastic bags and then placed inside a cooler with ice packs.  Researchers will be encouraged to email rtsf.cryoem@msu.edu at least 48 hours ahead of time to indicate that they will be dropping off samples so that drop-offs will not be missed.  Researchers submitting samples must wear masks during sample drop-offs at the loading dock.  RTSF Cryo-EM Facility staff must wear masks, safety glasses, gloves and lab coats while collecting samples.  This sample drop-off arrangement will be communicated to researchers by a posting on the RTSF Cryo-EM Facility website and through emails to the Core's email list.  Additionally, a sign with this information will be posted on the ERC building loading dock.

We also have a listserv and please subscribe to the list for continuous updates. If you email to RTSF-CRYOEM@LIST.MSU.EDU, with SUBSCRIBE RTSF-CRYOEM in the body of the email you will be subscribed to the list.


IVIS Imaging Core

The IVIS Imaging Core has entry/exit and sanitization operating procedures that are available for review at the following links:

Questions regarding the IVIS Imaging Core should be forwarded to Sandra O'Reilly


Research Greenhouse Complex Core

The Research Greenhouse Complex is observing all MSU mask and social distancing policies in their facilities. Please contact a member of the Research Greenhouse Complex with questions. Contact information for the Greenhouse Core can be found here.


Flow Cytometry

The MSU Flow Cytometry facilities are no longer part of the Research Technology Support Facility. Information regarding the facilities can be found here.