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RTSF facilities are in locations across campus.

Administrative Office Mailing Address

Research Technology Support Facility
Michigan State University
Plant Biology Laboratories
612 Wilson Road, Room S-20
East Lansing, MI 48824

Bioinformatics Core, Biochemistry Building, Rm 202

Contact: Curtis Wilkerson, Core Manager

Flow Cytometry Core, Biomedical & Physical Science, Rm 5115

Contact: Louis King, Core Manager
Phone: 517-355-1536

Genomics Core, Plant Biology Building, Rm S-18

Phone: 517-432-9814

Imaging and X-Irradiation, Biomedical & Physical Sci

Building, Rms 1117 and 1114

Contact: Sandra O'Reilly, Core Manager
Phone: 517-884-5172

Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics Core, Biochemistry Building, Rm 11

Contact: Dan Jones, Core Manager
Phone: 517-353-0612

Proteomics Core, Biochemistry Building, Rms 5 or 15

Contact: Curt Wilkerson, Core Manager
Phone: 517-353-5554