Experiment Examples

Service Experiment Example and Price
OffGel LC/MS/MS 250ug of extracted Cauliflower protein was digested and separated into 12 discreet fractions using the OffGel device. Each fraction was analyzed over 3hrs on a Thermo LTQ for a total of 36Hrs mass spec time. A total of 3600 proteins were identified above a 1%FDR. Cost of the experiment was $5500 per replicate.
Phosphopeptide ID/quant Arabidopsis cells were subjected to chemical stress and protein was digested and labeled with dimethyl reagents for stable isotope peptide quantitation and mixed. Phosphopeptides were then enriched using a combination of IMAC/TiO2 resins. Samples were then analyzed using a Thermo QExactive over 4hrs. Over 1800 phosphopeptides were identified and 1300 were quantitated over all 3 conditions.
PRM quantitation