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Pricing is for on campus customers. Pricing for off-campus customers will be the listed price plus 26%. In addition, all off-campus customers are subject to a 2% University Administrative Fee.
Service Price
LC/MS/MS Protein Identification
  • Run times can range from 15 min to 6hrs depending on the sample complexity, ex. A typical digestion/protein ID experiment from a 1D gel band would be run at 30min and cost a total of $125
Tryptic Digestion $25/sample (most samples)
1D Gel Electrophoresis $40/up to 12 samples
2D Gel Electrophoresis $100/sample
Gel Staining (Coomassie Blue or Silver) $30/gel
Peptide Fractionation (up to 24 fractions) $100/sample
Phosphopeptide Isolation (IMAC or TiO2 resin) $100/sample
Sample Clean-up (C18 reverse phase SPE) $8/sample
Manual Data Analysis/Sample Preparation $75/hr
Multidimensional Chromatography LC/MS/MS Call for Pricing
Protein/Peptide Quantitation Call for Pricing