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Proteomics Sample Submission Guidelines

The Proteomics Core Facility has officially re-opened and is accepting samples under the Biochemistry Departments Phase 1 guidelines.  Under these guidelines we have instituted a no-contact sample submission policy.  For all users, our sample submission form has moved on-line and can be found at  Please note that this website is currently only accessible by computers on the MSU network.  In order to use the on-line form you’ll need to first contact Doug Whitten ( to set up an account.  Once the account has been created you’ll receive a log-in and a password.  A pdf can be found here which outlines how to use the new form.  Once you complete the submission you should get an automated email acknowledging it and the Proteomics Core will follow up with any questions or to make special arrangements for drop off of samples.  If you are working from home and need to submit samples please download the old form from, fill this out and email it to Doug Whitten. 


For those with access to the BCH building, gel samples can be dropped off at any time to our sample submission cooler located in the hall outside room 5.  After hours drop offs can be made to the cooler in the same manner however, the cooler will be locked.  If you are working a late shift and wish to drop off gel samples, please contact Doug Whitten for the combination.  Please be sure to label samples with your name and PI so they can easily be identified.  For frozen samples or on-bead samples please contact us before you plan to drop these off so arrangements can be made to remove them from the cooler promptly.  There will be no dry ice in the cooler so please pack these samples with ice or dry ice to ensure quality before submission.  Overnight drop-off of these samples is not advised.


For those without access to the BCH building, please email Doug Whitten ( to arrange drop off of all samples.


If you wish to meet to discuss any upcoming projects or if you have any general questions we’d be happy to meet via ZOOM or phone.  Feel free to contact us in order to schedule a time