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MSU TGEF Current Recharge Rates

Listed rates are for complete projects only, except where individual services are listed.  Complete projects include all steps from design to cloning of targeting vector, to validation of the final genome edited founder or clonal cell line.  In addition, we accommodate projects where constructs or molecular reagents are provided by the investigator, at lower rates. Please contact our staff directly if you need a breakdown of the rates or more details for a proposed budget.
Note: Listed rates are for internal MSU users,  rates for External User projects will be marked up 120% over cost information listed.


Project Type Model/Service Cost
Simple CRISPR modification (KO, point mut, small insertion or large deletion) Mouse $4,139.21
  Rat $5,966.42
  Cell Line $3,991.52
CRISPR Conditional knockout Mouse $7,087.90
  Rat $10,102.46
CRISPR Large Insertion - complete project Mouse $10,309.13
  Rat $11,331.18
  Cell Line $7,710.10
Conventional Transgenic - complete project Mouse $9,594.36
  Rat $12,030.65
Zygote Microinjection for transgenic projects Mouse $4,337.74
  Rat $6,774.03
ESC Targeting - complete project Cell Line $9,770.27
Microinjection of ES cells (up to 3 clones) Mouse $4,318.80
  Rat $6,146.02
Sperm Cryopreservation (per session) Mouse $216.08
Embryo cryopreservation (per session) Mouse or Rat $260.74
Embryo transfer surgery Mouse $464.04
  Rat $925.60
Mouse IVF (not including embryo transfer) Mouse $502.83
Neon Nucleofectror initial training and set up Equipment $111.05
Neon Nucleofectror consumables per rxn Equipment $10.72
Liquid Nitrogen storage per unit Equipment $21.34
Liquid Nitrogen Dry Shipper Rental Equipment $59.05
Hourly Rate for TGEF personnel Labor $64.52
Animal housing per cage per day Mouse $0.88
  Rat $1.01
Genotyping per round (up to n=10) Individual Service $273.87
Genotyping Strategy Development per locus Individual Service $325.33
CRISPR Off-target analysis up to 3 hits Individual Service $379.97
Construct cloning - all molecular services included Individual Service $3,920.61
Tissue culture base fee (additional costs may apply) Individual Service $786.21
Serology Test per sample Testing $385.40
Animal transfer fee per line Transfer Fee $37.97