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Common Use Equipment Room

The Genomics Core maintains some select equipment available for public use in room S-10 Plant Biology:

  • Invitrogen Qubit fluorometer for DNA/RNA quantitation
  • Covaris M220 sonicator for DNA fragmentation

Please note that in-person training is not available for the common use equipment. Researchers should download, print out and read the manuals for the Qubit 1.0 or the Covaris M220 Sonicator.  A training video for using the Qubit 1.0 in the Common Use Equipment Room is now available.  


Equipment Calendar Instructions

The Genomics Core uses a Google Calendar to schedule the use of common use equipment.  The Common Use Equipment Room availability can be viewed on the calendar below or by visiting the Common Use Equipment Google calendar.

The Common Use Equipment Room is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, except during University holidays and Genomics Core closures.

Please email gtsf@msu.edu to request the use of equipment.  Requests should be made at least 12 hours in advance.  In your email, include the following:

  • Date, start, and end time of appointment
    • Appointments must not exceed 3 hours
  • Equipment that you will use
  • Any items or reagents that will be needed
    • For Covaris usage, indicate if any tubes will need to be purchased
    • For Qubit usage, indicate the assay kit that you will use. The available kits include RNA High Sensitivity, RNA Broad Range, DNA High Sensitivity, and DNA Broad Range.
      • Each batch of assays will include two standard measurements. The two standards should be added to the number of samples you will assay.
      • Pricing for Qubit assays can be found on our pricing webpage
  • The number of samples to be processed


Training Videos

Qubit Training Video