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Gene Expression Analysis

Illumina RNA-seq
ABI QuantStudio 7 Flex Real-Time PCR
NanoString nCounter

Transcriptomic studies attempt to measure gene expression as a way to catalog the inner workings of genetic regulation via RNA. This can be done on a number of levels from a handful of gene targets to a genome-wide profile. The RTSF Genomics Core offers several services for investigators looking to utilize gene expression for their research. Our range of applications includes solutions for quantifying gene expression levels in nearly any species regardless of sample size. Services include Next Generation Sequencing using Illumina instruments, qPCR using the ABI QuantStudio 7 Flex Real-Time PCR System, and gene expression using the NanoString nCounter system.

To get started please contact the RTSF Genomics Core (gtsf@msu.edu) so we can match your research needs with the right technology.