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About TGEF

MSU's Transgenic and Genome Editing Facility (TGEF) was established by the Office for Research and Innovation with the goal to provide faculty on campus with comprehensive expertise, resources and support in genetic engineering, molecular cloning and genome editing. The mission of MSU-TGEF is to support the in-house generation of transgenic organisms, embryos and cells lines in a variety of species using the latest genome editing technologies such as CRISPR/Cas. MSU-TGEF provides support at all stages of genome editing projects, including project consultation and grant preparation, experimental design, construct generation, validation and molecular screening, and delivery of genome editing reagents to cells and embryos through transfection, electroporation or microinjection.

To serve the research community MSU-TGEF is currently offering the following categories of services:

  1. Consultation, training and grant development support
  2. Gene editing and molecular biology services
  3. Embryo microinjection, electroporation, and manipulation
  4. Cryopreservation and cryorecovery
  5. Rodent-specific services: rederivation, IVF, speed line expansion
  6. Adopting and developing CRISPR-Cas editing for new applications or different species