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Data Retention Policy

All data generated from analyses conducted by the Genomics Core will be made immediately available to researchers in either an electronic form (web, FTP) or on a USB-recordable devices upon request. It is very important that all researchers make archival copies of their data as the Genomics Core will retain data for only 6 months from time of collection. We suggest that you make at least two copies of your data and store them in separate locations. All data will be deleted after six months and will no longer be available.

Illumina and Nanopore sequencing data will be returned via the Genomics Core secure FTP server.  The Genomics Core will email the researcher when Illumina or Nanopore data is available for download.  Please see our Data Retrieval webpage for instructions to download data.

All other data types (Sanger, TapeStation, Qubit Flex, qPCR, Fragment Analysis/GeneScan, and Nanostring) are returned through Genomics Depot, a sharepoint website.  Data for these services is typically available within two business days.  Researchers will not receive an email when data is posted.  Please see our Genomics Depot webpage for more information.

Please contact the Genomics Core at gtsf@msu.edu with any questions or concerns.