The MSU Proteomics Facility provides resources to assist researchers in the identification and characterization of proteins and peptides. Experiments from simple protein discovery to complex differential proteome profiling and quantification as well as post-translational modification mapping can be performed using our state-of-the art instrumentation and software.


Isoelectric Focusing and SDS-PAGE

The MSU Proteomics Facility utilizes the Bio-Rad Criterion size gels (8cm x 11cm; 11cm IEF) for 1D and 2D-PAGE and various pH ranges and precast gel types are available. Gels can be stained with either Colloidal Coomassie, Krypton fluorescent or mass spec compatible Silver stains. Additionally, the facility offers protein and peptide separations in the liquid phase using the Agilent 3100 Offgel Fractionator or the Invitrogen ZOOM IEF Fractionator. Using the Offgel Fractionator proteins/peptides can be separated into 12 or 24 distinct fractions over various pH ranges. For larger protein loads, the ZOOM IEF fractionator can be used to generate up to 7 pH fractions between pH 3 and 12. Any of these fractions can be further used for second dimension SDS-PAGE separations or desalted and analyzed directly on a mass spectrometer.


The MSU Proteomics Facility contains two state of the art mass spectrometers.  The workhorse of the facility is a ThermoScientific LTQ Linear Ion Trap mated to a Waters nanoAcquity UPLC and Bruker/Michrom CaptiveSpray nanospray ionization source.  This machine combines fast, sensitive ion detection and MSn capabilities with exceptional LC gradient stability and resolution for rapid protein and peptide identifications on both large and small scale.  For more specific experiments we also operate a ThermoScientific Q-Exactive mass spectrometer with an attached EASY-nLC UPLC and flex-spray nano-spray ionization source.  This system provides optimized split-free peptide separation, high-performance quadrupole ion selection and high-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) Orbitrap detection for unprecedented peptide detection, characterization and quantification. 
Spectral processing, matching and quantification are done using both the Mascot Distiller software suite with the Mascot search algorithm and the MaxQuant/Andromeda software suite.  Results are further validated and visualized using the Scaffold software package.


Protein Identification LC/MS/MS
We can accommodate run times from 15min for highly purified proteins to 6hrs for complex mixtures
Tryptic Digestion $25.00/sample
1D Gel Electrophoresis
(11cm x 8cm format)
Gel Staining $30.00
Manual Analysis/Sample Prep $75.00/hr
Multidimensional Chromatography LC/MS/MS Call for Pricing
2D Gel Electrophoresis Call for Pricing

Pricing is for on campus customers. Pricing for off-campus customers will be the listed price plus 26%. In addition, all off-campus customers are subject to a 2% University Administrative Fee.