Genomics Core Resource Calendars & Reservations Change

The Genomics Core’s reservation calendars will now be accessed through the University's MS Office 365 Outlook Calendar.

New MSU Genomics Core Listserv

The MSU Genomics Core has created a new email list to allow us to more easily communicate with Core users about news and seminars that are relevant to the Core.

The RTSF Genomics Core FTP server now requires secure (FTPS) connections.

To protect the integrity and security of the MSU network and its systems, and to permit users from outside of the MSU network to once again access the RTSF Genomics Core file distribution server we will be enforcing secure (encrypted) connections only. This change ensures that usernames and password are no longer passed between the client and host in clear text.

RTSF acquires NextSeq 500 and HiSeq 4000 sequencers (HiSeq 2500 will be retired February 15, 2017)

Both instruments have significantly Increased Output Decreased Cost/nucleotide.

New sequencing price list effective February 1, 2017.